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CA-AM & CSAP Certification

The CA-AM exam tests an individual’s knowledge of key alliance management skills. Candidates are tested on overall alliance and operational competencies related to running an existing alliance, but not on the entire alliance life cycle.

The CSAP exam tests an individual’s knowledge of key alliance management skills and tests on all facets of alliance management from inception to termination.

CA-AM Certification
Level 1
CSAP Certification
Level 2 (Advanced)
  • ASAP member in good standing
  • At least three years of alliance management experience
  • Purchase & payment of USD $599 Self-Paced Elearning CA-AM Exam Prep Course. (Purchase of this bundle includes an 8-week subscription to the CA-AM Exam Prep Course, CA-AM Exam and the eBook.)
  • ASAP member in good standing
  • CA-AM certified
  • Six certification qualification points (see: Renewal & Eligibility)
  • Completed application and payment of USD $650
    Includes: Self-Study Review Notebook, CSAP practice exam, CSAP Mentor, and CSAP exam. (Bundle option including a copy of The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide available for $795)
  • Un-proctored and administered online
  • Workshop can be taken in one sitting or over a period of 8 weeks. Takes an average of 2.5-3 hours to complete in one sitting
  • Exam takes an average of 90 minutes to complete in one sitting.
  • The CA-AM exam may be re-written until a passing score is achieved
  • The course, exam, and access to the ebook must be completed within 8 weeks from the time of purchase
  • You may purchase a 4-week extension to all resources included in the CA-AM Exam Prep and Exam Bundle for $24
  • The exam is experiential in nature—questions appear to have more than one right answer, but there is only one "best" answer
  • Consists of 85 multiple choice questions
  • Test takers are scored on 75 of the 85 questions
  • A score of 59 is required to pass
  • Is computer-based and proctored*
  • Takes an average of 2 – 3 hours to finish
  • Is experiential in nature – questions appear to have more than one right answer, but there is only one “best” answer
  • Consists of 150 multiple choice questions
  • Test takers are scored on 135 of the 150 questions
  • A score of 102 is required to pass
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CSAP Preparation Toolkit:
WITH the Handbook ($795)
WITHOUT the Handbook ($650)

*CSAP Proctor Information

The CSAP Exam is an electronic examination, and can be taken when it is convenient for you from your office, home or any other location that has an internet connection. The exam is proctored; eligible CSAP candidates are required to nominate a proctor to administer their exam. All nominated proctors must fill out a proctor form and submit it for approval; these forms can be found on the exam registration site.

Eligible proctors are considered the following individuals:
HR Representative
Direct Supervisor
Education Professionals
Library Science Professional

CA-AM & CSAP applications are processed as quickly as possible. Applications may take up to three business days to process. Communications regarding your application will come from Please make sure to whitelist and look for this email. For questions regarding either exam or the CSAP proctor nomination process, please contact Lori Gold at or +1 781-562-1630 ext. 203.

For more information about the CA-AM & CSAP exams, please see the following answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Note: CA-AM renewal and CSAP eligibility requirements are the same. For a complete guide to renewal/eligibility, click here.

For more information email us at or call +1-781-562-1630